Our PROTECTiiS range is composed of stations from 80cm to 4,20m covering the L, S, C, L+S and very wide band (0,9 – 26,5 GHz) using the SCM (Single channel monopulse) tracking technology or mechanical scanning.

A radome is included for easy maintenance. The equipment is protected from the weather and air-conditioned to a constant temperature and humidity. This reduces the impact of the environment on our system.

The real-time visualization of the station under radome can be done through a camera connected to the PC through a RJ45 link.

 ReferenceDish sizeFrequencyGainPolarisationDatasheet
NE76801.50m2.2 – 2.4GHz
Other bands available
28 dBi typ. @ 2.3GHzPCG / PCD

NE76902m402.2 – 2.4GHz
Other bands available
32 dBi typ. @ 2.3GHzPCG / PCD

NE76503.10m2.2 – 2.4GHz
Other bands available
34 dBi typ. @ 2.3GHzPCG / PCD

NE76604.20m2.2 – 2.4GHz
Other bands available
37 dBi typ. @ 2.3GHzPCG / PCD

NE76703.60mL/S/C/X/Ku/K BandsSee datasheetPCG / PCD