Equipment in rack or cabinet including amplifiers, switches and RF multicouplers

NE9002-0Base Band4 RS232 video coupler
NE9003-0Base Band4 RS232 video decoupler
NE9040-02200-2450 MHzBest AGC and AM switch rack
NE9053-B2200-2500 MHz2 channels switch rack
NE9053-C1400-1550 MHz
2150-2550 MHz
2 channels switch rack
NE9151-02200-2450 MHz2 channels/ 1 input/ 2 outputs multicoupler rack
NE9152-02000-2600 MHz2 channels/2 inputs/ 4 outputs multicoupler rack
NE9206-D-A2200-2500 MHz25 dB amplifier box
NE9206-E-05100-5300 MHz24 dB amplifier box
NE9206-F-02200-2400 MHz2 channels 25 dB amplifier box
NE9209-02000-2600 MHz23 dB amplifier box